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My Competition Prep Journey to My 1st Ever Miami Pro / Pure Elite Comp (Part 1)

Having been in the fitness industry for the past 9 years I’ve seen many fitness trends come and go. In the present day social media platforms expose these trends far more so than ever before… A new trend in Bikini Fitness caught my eye a couple of years ago and in 2016 I had set my objective to compete in one.

This objective was going to challenge me personally; self-confidence for me was always going to be my biggest hurdle. The question I was constantly asking myself was would I be confident in stepping up onto a stage and parading my body in front of thousands of people?? This played with me throughout my journey and if you’re someone who is reading this and has the same ambitions I am sure it might have crossed your mind at some point. This Blog series will hopefully give you an insight into how I jumped these hurdles and finally realised my dream in 2017.

My biggest motivational factor in competing was I knew this would be great for my new business venture in Azzurro Training. I also knew that if anything this would be a massive learning curve for me; I would learn so much about myself and how I deal with the pressure but also on an educational level in which now I can use this experience to help other aspiring competitors.

My biggest advice to anyone thinking of competing is to expect sacrifices, this journey was full of them, some small and some very big which I look forward to sharing throughout this blog series. If this intro blog has got the ball rolling for you then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I can help you get your journey started today.


I. Beni

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