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Sports Massage

What can Azzurro Sports Massage do for me?


Sports massage is fast becoming a very popular option for many people to relieve tension, pain and improve mobility. Sports massage is named as such after being initially brought into the limelight with increasing publicity as the go-to treatment for high level athletes.  Typically they'll undergo sports massage and therapy sessions to help recover from intense training and competition.

However, sports massage is gaining in popularity within the public domain due to the many benefits it can provide everyone. Sports massage improves blood circulation to areas which helps relieve pain, muscular tension, and increase recovery rates. The relaxed muscles then demonstrate improved range of movement and flexibility and decreased tightness or spasm and associated pain.

What are the benefits?

Do you suffer from any of the following issues?:

  • Muscular tightness in the neck, shoulders, back or legs

  • Pain in the muscles following exercise

  • Limited range of movement

  • Prolonged recovery after exercise.

  • Poor posture

  • Prolonged recovery after whiplash

  • Joint pain

  • Anxiety about your pain

If you answered yes to any of these, then sports massage has been proven to help provide relief and may be able to help you. Our team are also chartered physiotherapists, or qualified to a minimum of Level 3 Sports massage so you can be confident that you will be receiving the highest level of therapy.

What can I expect during an appointment?

Our session slots are bookable by the half hour. Our Physiotherapists will gain a brief medical history and have a brief assessment to identify the key areas that need working on. 30 minutes should be adequate for a single body-part, but if you have multiple body parts you may need to book multiple sessions. You will also be given some gentle stretches to help facilitate the sports massage treatment.

If you are suffering with persistent pain that always seems to return, you may be better suited to a full assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. A thorough Physiotherapy assessment can identify the underlying causes of pain, and work out solutions to solves these to keep pain away in the long run.


Please note that for Sports Massage treatment you will need to expose the area that needs sports massage treatment, so please wear appropriate clothing for treatment, and please be prepared to remove clothing if covering the area you wish to receive treatment.

Book here or contact us at for more information.

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Sports Massage
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