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DSE (Work Station Assessments)

Do you or your employees spend several hours behind a desk and using display screen equipement (DSE)? It is an employer's responsibility to look after their employee's health because incorrect or poorly designed workstations are strongly correlated with lower back pain, neck pain, arm and shoulder pain as well as reduced performance due to fatigue and eye strain.

The Health and Safety  (Display Screen Equipment) regulations 1992 apply to those people working behind desks on a regular basis, for durations longer than an hour at a time.


At Azzurro, our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in biomechanical assessments, pain prevention and postural issues. We are evidence based practitioners, and so rarely do we advise expensive equipment for employees, as there is good evidence to suggest that a lot of supposed ergonomic desk equipment is of very limited benefit. This helps save employers money, but more important than this, we believe it is essential to give employees advice and education that will make a real, genuine difference to their pain. If equipment is needed, then we have the skills to be able to recommend equipment that should make a difference, rather than gimmicks.


We are highly experienced in giving advice for on-going pain prevention and/or management which is unique only to workstation assessments done by Physiotherapists.

This is a service many other DSE assessment companies without Physiotherapists will be unable to offer and is included in both of the services listed in this email.

We would offer two different specialist services for your members of staff:

  1. Our  standard workstation assessment should take approximately 20 minutes per person. This will include taking a brief history from the member of staff, analysis of movements, posture and strength if required, and finally an adjustment where necessary to the desk environment, workstation and desk chair. We can recommend some standard additions to the work station if required.

  2. We would offer our more  comprehensive assessment for any members of staff with known pain which may be work related, or for those who have missed work previously due to mechanical and/or musculoskeletal pain which may be work related.

    • This includes a full physiotherapy biomechanical evaluation, pain assessment, workstation adjustment, treatment (if necessary) and exercise prescription service for on-going management. A full report will also be completed for each of these members of staff.

    • As Physiotherapists, we can usually identify these members of staff with a quick subjective history, and can adjust the assessment required accordingly, creating a bespoke service for each of your members of.

    • If you are an employer, you may also have in mind some members of staff that you wish to put forward for the comprehensive package, but the majority of your members of staff should manage with the basic package.

We will need consent from every member of staff undergoing the assessment.

Book here or contact us at for more information.

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