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Sunshine, Sweat, Success

We are proud to announce that our new private and exclusive outdoor fitness and training area is ready to be used and abused.

Azzurro Training is pleased to present the new grassy lawn area outside our studio. But it's not designed for picnics and lazy Sunday snoozes (though it really would be perfect and we don't blame you if you want to use it after your session for this reason).

We've got tractor tyres, we've got slam balls, we've got sledgehammers, we've got battling ropes. The list goes on. Instruments to help put the fun back into fitness. We appreciate that not everyone is inspired to get out of bed with the thoughts of cold steel bars and heavy weights. If this sounds familiar, then functional training may be a little bit of you. It's becoming more and more popular to reach fitness goals by training with less conventional kit, and we are finding the results are great as well. We have a lovely lawn, freshly mown weekly and tucked away form the public eye which is perfect for breaking out the battling ropes and feeling like a warrior in the fresh air.

We also do last minute bookings so if the sun is shining and you fancy working out in the great outdoors, Azzurro is the place to be!

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