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Arsenal Fan, meet Arsenal Physio

Lifelong Arsenal FC fan Matthew today met the 1st team physiotherapist, Ben Ashworth in a seminar today. Wow!

The seminar was on the athletic shoulder, a problematic area for injury for even the most experienced physiotherapists. Ben has been specialising in shoulders for 20 years, and his CV includes working for the Olympic Judo team, as well as being a double MSc strength and conditioning coach and physiotherapist. Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience to be able to pick the brains of a physiotherapist who has so much experience within the world of elite fitness, and I've picked up a range of treatment techniques as well as reinforcing the techniques I already use with my patients.

I think the biggest mistake in the healthcare and fitness industry is pretending you know everything. Azzurro is very much a place for learning for clients and staff alike. Our trainers work closely with the physiotherapists and conditioning coaches and vice versa. This gives the most holistic service possible and ensures that our clients are receiving the best possible, evidence driven care and programmes.

Book for your free consultation now and come and see for yourself. Azzurro offers a unique training experience in an exclusive and private setting. Physiotherapy, strength and conditioning, and personal training all under one roof. Whatever you're looking for, Azzurro can provide you with all of your health and personal fitness goals.

Our studio and our lovely grassy outdoor training area is unique, and ready just in time for the warm weather to roll in! Bring on the summer!

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