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Want to Age Gracefully?

There should be much more emphasis on strength training in the recommended exercise guidelines. We lose 1% of our strength every year over the age of 30 (!!) UNLESS we are doing some form of strength exercise.

There is nothing quite like strength training to keep:

  • Bones dense

  • Muscles strong,

  • Keep us independent and mobile as we age

  • Preventable disease at bay e.g diabetes, high blood pressure etc etc

  • Reduce the chance of many other serious diseases e.g cancer, stroke, heart attack

  • Posture young and dynamic.

  • Reduce risk of falls

  • Reduce aches and pains, and chronic pain

  • Reduce chance of injury

  • Have better self-confidence

  • Boost energy

  • Keep up with with children or grandchildren

  • Improve general quality of life!

  • The list goes on.....

You don't need to set out to become a muscle-bound, Greek Adonis.

Ideally, introduce 30-60 minute each week (out of a total 10,080 I.e 0.3% of your week!) and watch how other areas of your life become more enjoyable, easier and stay that way for many years to come!

Not sure where to start? Comment below and I'll message you in private with some ideas to get started during lock down.

Check out the evidence below!

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