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Azzurro Skiing Bootcamp Class

From the 8th October, we will be starting a new class every Monday from 7-8pm. This class with be a strength and conditioning circuits class run by one of our Physiotherapists.

The stations in the circuit will be specifically designed to strengthen, tone and improve balance. As Ski season approaches, it is important that you take the necessary precautions to look after yourself when out on the slopes. The demands places on your muscles and joints when skiing and snowboarding massively exceed the stresses that most people encounter on a daily basis. If you overload your lower limbs, it opens the door to injuries that can not only ruin your holiday, but keep you out of action for months after you get back to the UK. This can have serious implications on your personal life and working life once you return.

Our strength and conditioning bootcamp is specifically designed by our physiotherapists to help reduce the chance of these injuries, and improve your skiing and snowboarding performances by increasing strength and balance. This can help you to maximise your enjoyment on the slopes whilst also toning up, and improving your general fitness and strength.

Register your interest now, only a few spaces remain and we are limited to 10 spaces! £10 per class. It is recommended to attend a minimum of 6-10 weeks of classes before your skiing holiday to allow strength benefits to reach their potential.

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