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Azzurro Running development clinic

  • Do you:

  • Want to improve your running times?

  • Worry you may have improper running style?

  • Have persistent injuries which you feel are holding you back?

  • Get pain when or after you run?

  • Struggle with inclines or declines when running?

Introducing the Azzurro runner developmental clinic for runners of all abilities!

This specialist service is for keen or casual runners looking to help prevent future injuries and degenerative joints that can come from improper running style. It is specifically designed by a chartered, musculoskeletal physiotherapist to improve injuries or niggles, and correct muscular imbalances, reduce pain and/or improve performance whilst running.

To join the class, firstly it is advisable (but not compulsory) to have a full biomechanical evaluation to assess running style, joint stability, areas of strength and areas of weakness. This will give detailed information about the appropriate level for you to enter the class, ensuring you maximise the benefit of every class you attend.

You will then be referred into the class and given a tailored programme suitable for your ability and weaknesses (the optional assessment identifies which level you will need to begin on).

The class will run as a circuit with between 10 and 15 stations. Each station will correspond to a particular muscle group, each specifically designed to enhance running performance and reduce the chance of injury and degenerative changes like osteoarthritis that can come from instability and improper running style.

Every class will be under direct supervision from Matthew, a Chartered Physiotherapist with the FIFA sports medicine diploma for sports performance. This ensures you get the most out of the class, correcting technique and progressing as required. We have state of the art equipment used as part of the programme.

It is advisable to attend a minimum of 10 weeks to maximise the strengthening benefit, but continuing to progress within the class beyond 10 weeks will continue the benefit, and maintaining performance and strength is also advisable, even once you've reached a level you are happy with.

The start date of the first class is yet to be announced, so stay tuned for updates on how to book a place in the class!

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