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Leg Day!!!

I always incorporate pistol squats into my routine.

Why Pistol squats?

  • Correct pistol squats require excellent strength, balance and neuromuscular control of the hips. great for correcting imbalances!

  • Great for the external rotators of the hips, especially gluteus medius

  • Great for compound movements and control of the hip, knee and ankle all at once

  • When done in a controlled way, they are great for improving the stability at the knee which is shown to improve the resilience of the menisci, which are the cartilaginous discs within the knee joint acting as shock absorbers.

Try using a TRX band to help give you some additional stability for the descent and ascent from deep. Make sure your hip does not collapse inwards.

I will sometimes incorporate these within my late stage physiotherapy rehabilitation programmes to get clients back to high level sport. These slow controlled exercises help to manage the injury through strengthening, and developing neuromuscular control which helps reduce chance of injury and re-injury. I will also use our outdoor training area for the more high impact rehab, replicating specific training stresses to prepeare a return to sport.

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