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10% off Sports Massage treatments with Rob*

Tired or aching muscles? Stiffness in your spine or joints?

Our Sports Massage Therapist Robert has just increased his hours at our studio in Bourne End and is offering a 10% discount for anyone who books this week! Robert only has 5 slots remaining so...

If you are suffering from:

- Tired or aching muscles

- Postural issues from sitting at a desk for too long each day

- Lack of flexibility in your spine or joints

- Neck stiffness

- Lower back pain

- Fatigue from running or exercising

Sports Massage can relieve your symptoms quickly and effectively. Robert works evenings and weekends to fit around your busy schedule!

Quote MASSAGE10OFF >here for the deal

- Azzurro Physiotherapy & Personal Training

* Valid until 01/01/20. Max 3 sessions per customer before returning to full price.

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