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I'm fed up of the mis-information around lower back pain.

It blows my mind how much advice given out is outdated. There's a better way to deal with back pain.

So I created a FREE guide full of the really important things that my patients never seem to have heard of when they arrive for their first session.

It doesn't have to be complicated to create real change. This free guide shows you how.

The Slippery Slope: The Vicious Cycle of Decreasing Activity

Does your lower back pain make you increasingly inactive, causing a vicious cycle of discomfort and diminished physical condition? Do you feel like you're living within yourself due to fear of pain?


This can feel like losing control over your own body. Let us guide you through the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and how it amplifies pain. We'll show you how taking that first step towards active living could be a game-changer for your lower back health.

The Core Paradox: Strength or Suppleness?

Are you striving for a 'Strong Core', hoping it will alleviate your lower back pain? It might surprise you to discover that a toned core doesn't always guarantee a pain-free back. We'll help you explore how maintaining suppleness, along with core strength, could be your secret weapon against back pain. Discover why the 'gymnast approach' to physical fitness might be exactly what you need.

Stiffness vs Hypermobility: The Back Pain Balancing Act

Whether you find touching your toes a challenge, or you're flexible yet still experiencing stiffness, we're here to decipher the enigma of stiffness and hypermobility for you. We'll guide you on how to safely enhance your flexibility or reinforce your body without adding extra strain. Understand why feeling stiff might not be as straightforward as you think.

Bend, Don't Break: Relearning Spinal Movement

Did you know that bending your spine, a natural function, can actually soothe back pain? Learn why apprehension towards bending could be a roadblock to your recovery, and how spinal degeneration is more common among inactive individuals. Much like how a sprained ankle can be gradually and safely strengthened, we'll demonstrate how to fortify your 'weak' spine.

We use these methods every day to alleviate back pain in people who had given up on the idea they could live a pain free life.


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