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Our new programme for increasing confidence and improving fitness!

Happy, fitness,

We are starting a new pilot case for specific people aged 21+ who have struggled with their health and fitness and/or stress and anxiety either recently or over a longer period. We are looking for 8 people for the programme with our specialist trainer Rose.

So if you are:

1. 21 or older

2. Fed up of living within yourself for fear of lack of self-confidence or anxiety

3. Unhappy with your current fitness/health level

4. Suffering with low self-esteem or unhappy with your self-image

5. Someone who hates the idea of loud and busy gym environments

6. Worried about what the future holds for your health

7. COMMITTED to making change for the better for yourself or your family

8. Are friendly and willing to learn

9. Happy with the idea of kick-starting this process in a local and private studio in Bourne End

10. Ready to get started ASAP (Spaces open on the programme from next week!)

If this sounds like you, please note who this programme is NOT suitable for:

1. Those not willing to take ownership of their problems with help and support

2. People who are expecting miracle quick-fixes

3. Those who are not willing to start being kinder to themselves

If this still sounds like you:

Message us >here and we can get you the details. We offer a free consultation to all interested down at the studio.

- Matthew

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