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How does Emma Willis look so good by the poolside? TV presenter and style icon shares her secrets.

Recently, TV presenter and Mum Emma Willis gave her top tips in an exclusive interview on how she maintains her reputation for looking despite her hectic lifestyle. We have been given access to the exclusive interview with Next. In the interview, Emma tells us her strategies for getting into shape for summer.

As a mother the age of 42, Emma shows us what is possible when you dedicate a little of your time in the gym. Maintaining a toned body, not out of place whether on a beach, at a shoot or when presenting on TV, is no accident. Emma shares her healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Emma tells us “I work my butt off in the gym”. There are a million different ways to mix up your workout routine. Find something you enjoy and gradually increase the intensity to keep it a challenge. Struggle for motivation? Personal Trainers are the latest trend and for good reason- carefully creating bespoke programmes to maximise your goals and give you the knowledge and confidence to keep reaching your goals. The best personal trainers give you the power to help yourself, and often a block of sessions is enough to kick start the new you!

“I Box” Emma incorporates boxing into her fitness routines to constantly keep the variety and fun in her routines. Our personal trainer, Aidan, is a black belt martial arts instructor, as well as a gym based boxing instructor. Should you fancy learning a bit about the art of self-defence in a way that also gets your fit, strong and toned for the summer months, Aidan certainly can offer you a solution to achieve your summer body goals in the privacy of our quiet studio.

“I go to Pilates” as a physiotherapist, I see very few patients who do regular pilates with bad backs and necks. Emma also attributes her fantastic figure and toned core to Pilates. Pilates is a type of exercise that challenges core stability and strength. Many of my strength and conditioning sessions incorporate Pilates exercises to give people the ability to overcome painful backs, necks and more, whilst working towards a physique they can be proud of.

When asked if Emma has any tips for changes to diet when building up to a beach holiday in the sun she laughed “I try to curb my sugar addiction- true fact!” Emma confesses she has a sweet tooth, but trying to restrict the amount of simple sugars in her diet does wonders to help shave any extra weight when trying to improve her figure. Simple sugar that is not burned off with exercise is metabolised in the liver into fat. This is then carried around the blood and can lead to weight gain. Complex carbohydrate (brown rice/pasta/oats) is a better option for energy throughout the day, as they give your metabolism a boost after consumption, burning increased calories. Our personal trainers are all qualified in Nutritional advice and can offer detailed nutritional information that can supplement your exercise programme, and maximise your success at toning up, losing weight or building muscle. You can’t outrun a bad diet!

As holiday season approached, when asked to describe her perfect holiday in three words, she said without hesitation “Hot, relaxing” and with a smile she adds “long!”

Book your free consultation with one of our highly qualified personal trainers today at our private, fully equipped studio and outdoor boot-camp training area. Let us help you achieve your summer body goals! We also have Physiotherapy, sports massage and strength and conditioning, so if you are struggling with injury, pain or your function, we can get you back from pain to performance so you can start enjoying life again.

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To see the full piece on Emma, or take a peak at the latest line of warm-weather looks released by Emma in her highly successive fashion line for Next, click on the following link:

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