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The tabloids talking sense!

At last! A story from the press that is supported by some recent evidence. Reading the BBC news website this morning, I came across a health related article which I can finally get behind.

The article is on back pain and helps to debunk a few of the common myths that surround lower back pain, myths that we as (most) physiotherapists have been trying to educate our patients about for years!

Lower back pain? Get moving! don't be afraid of your pain and find an exercise regime that allows you lower back to establish some normal movement. This can break the vicious cycle that often causes the lower back pain to spiral out of control into a place where pain is uncontrollable.

No matter how little you can move, try to do something. Those who give into the pain are often much longer to recover. The lower back is much more resilient than most people realise, and these severe pains are usually a simple injury that will settle with time. When you stop your activity, muscles get weak. And when you get weak your are likely prolonging your recovery.

If you are not sure what you should be doing, seek out the advice of someone who specialises in movement and exercise (physiotherapists!). You may need just one session to get you back on track.

The article can be found at If you haven't read it already, it is well worth a look.

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