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Azzurro evening Physiotherapy and sports massage clinics

Have you got pain that limits your daily function, or stops you from doing all of the activities you wish to do? Have you called you GP, and been offered an appointment in the distant future? Do you want to see a competent professional, but it seems that the clinics don’t offer times that fit around you busy schedule, or close just as you’re finishing work?

Azzurro Physiotherapy is open until 10pm Monday to Friday, and we are also open on Saturday. We aim to see clients within two working days of contact and are flexible with our times to help you fit in around your busy life.

When you’re in pain, daily tasks start to become more difficult, sleep is disturbed and suddenly you feel fatigued during the days. Very quickly the pain can spiral out of control and something that starts off feeling a small problem can begin to feel like a very big problem. When you call you GP you’re offered an appointment in several weeks, and then if the GP doesn’t simply tell you to rest or take a painkiller (which often is the case) you’re looking at a further 6 weeks before you see a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist on the NHS. Don’t let it get to this stage!

Come and see Azzurro physiotherapy no matter how big or small your pain may feel to you, and be seen as quickly as the same day you make contact. We run specialist clinics every weekday evening so you can be seen on a flexible basis around you daily life and work. We aim to give natural, quick and effective relief for all musculoskeletal problems, including muscular pain, muscular strain, joint sprain or pain, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, post op recoveries, post injury recovery, sciatica and other nerve pain amongst many others.

Stop your pain before your pain stops you!

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