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My Competition Prep Journey to My 1st Ever Miami Pro/ Pure Elite Comp (Part Three)

As a personal trainer myself I learnt a few important aspects of training when it came to my first competition, hopefully after reading part two you will go away with a few tips to help you with your goals.

Sometimes less is more

You’ll find it quite surprising that I didn’t spend hours in the gym every day when prepping for my first competition. My training was very specific and meant that no time was wasted; I was training a lot SMARTER in other words ‘quality over quantity’. I good example of this is making sure the right technique were being performed when do my exercises and at a slower rate. My programme had become very precise is that sense.

Split routines

Another aspect which you can easily incorporate into your training programme is performing a split routine; this is when you train specific body parts on specific days. One of the benefits to this method is you can go as hard on that muscle during training as you’ll have plenty of days recovery for when it comes around again.


The most important tip is to track your weights and how you perform using a structured programme. You’ll see massive improvements from week 1 and it will motivate you. I normally aim for around 10% increase in weight every week. Follow the programme for 6 weeks and then look to change it up in terms of the exercise or the rep range.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel you need a structured 6 week programme in which you can track your progression, this fundamentally is the most important aspect of training and it can also be a cost effective alternative of not having a personal trainer on your side pushing you.


I. Beni

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