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Tough Mudder - Team spirit prevails

On Sunday 7th May, a group of 12 completed tough mudder. It was a great day filled with camaraderie and spirit, and all 12 crossed the line together.

Over 10 miles of cross-country running and army style obstacles designed to test our grit and determination, and all of my fellow comrades and I passed the test, just as I knew we would. We picked up a few injuries along the way, but this proved simply a hiccup as we pulled together and pushed, pulled, carried and even dragged each other towards the finish. As a token of my gratitude to the team, I will be offering free physiotherapy to all those who picked up injuries along the way within our team until we get you back to full fitness.

More importantly however, we have raised an incredible £1562.14 for Sarcoma UK which is over 150% of our target. I could not have made such an incredible effort without all the members of the team, and the most amazing this is that the donations continue to come in.

Sarcoma UK, which is truly such an incredible cause, helps fund the research to fight back against this brutal form of cancer, and also help provide support for both sufferers and families who have been affected.

If you would like to donate, we would all be incredibly grateful and your money would be helping people who are in desperate need of some positivity. You can find the link here:

(Below) High spirits before the race:

(Below) Even higher spirits after the race, enjoying that free cider!

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