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Matthew, Physiotherapist

Matthew, Physiotherapist

Isabella, Personal Trainer



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As a 52 year old and long-term sufferer of chronic lower back pain, believe me, I have seen a few health practitioners over the years!

As well as dealing very effectively with my immediate pain, Matt is forward thinking and focused on methods to improve my flexibility as well as strengthen my body and muscles for long term gain. He created a personalised program which included both stretching and gym-related exercises which have really helped me to build my strength and aid postural correction. Having gym equipment on site is a godsend as he is able to demonstrate how to execute the gym exercises correctly with my limitations.

I cannot recommend Matt highly enough as I have seen a massive improvement in my overall health and fitness. I now go to the gym and play golf 3-4 times a week, something I was not previously able to do. A very genuine and caring physiotherapist who wants you to regain fitness so that you can do the things you enjoy most.


I had enjoyed 34 years of skiing at quite a high level with my family when I had a very bad fall resulting in a serious ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) injury at the age of 58. I had to learn to walk again and it took me 6 months to be able to walk a couple of miles with ease. The physical and mental toll was so great I resigned myself that I would never ski again. The thought of going through an ACL again was too much.


However, as time progressed and my strength began to come back, I began to think I would like to try skiing again. The problem was that, even after a year of physio, my leg was still considerably weaker than the other and still wouldn’t bend properly. So I joined a gym but, as I didn’t know what I was doing, I soon realised that I had to engage a personal trainer if I was going to progress but I was very apprehensive about committing myself and my money to someone I didn’t really know much about.

Having got to know Matt through his NHS work and because of a recommendation from one of his colleagues, I decided to contact him and met him for an initial assessment at his nice, quiet gym. What attracted me to Matt was that he seemed to be a perfect combination of both a medically trained physio (who would be very mindful of my injured knee) and a trainer who specialises in taking people to the next stage of rehab.

At this point I was still not sure whether I wanted to risk skiing again, however, after a few sessions with Matt, both my fitness and confidence in my abilities began to grow and I realised that I really did want to try skiing again. I immediately felt confident that I was in good hands with Matt. All our sessions were very carefully tailored to my individual needs. If anything proved too much for me, he immediately adjusted the exercises. It was hard work but also fun at the same time, not least because Matt is very personable, very easy to talk to (and confide in!) and we had a laugh occasionally. An hour seemed to fly past.

After 5 months of weekly sessions with Matt, I ‘hit’ the slopes again, something I once thought I would never do again. I know that if Matt and I had not worked together, I would never have had the confidence to try skiing again.
I used to think that people who went to the gym were a bit strange as I much preferred to outdoor activities, however, I have changed my mind completely, not least because I now feel so good, both physically and mentally. I’m really sold on the benefits of strength training for keeping one fit and active as one grows older.
So, if you are reading this, and have realised that you are not as fit or strong as you used to be but would like to get back to a physical activity that you used to love, even if it’s just gardening or walking the dog up that hill which you used to do with ease, I would strongly encourage you to get some specialist help from Matt in order to help you achieve your goal, and, mostly importantly, not to give up! If, as a 60 year old women, I can return to a physically demanding sport like skiing after two years of rehab, and ski better that ever before, then you can achieve your goal too!

I've had issues with my lower back for around 10 years. My fitness is important to me though so I've worked around it, but never felt like I could put 100% into my training. After a knee injury a couple of years ago I became less active and my lower back became steadily worse and developed sharper pinching pains. So I decided to contact Matt at Azzurro for an assessment.
Within 3 or 4 treatment table sessions I was out in the gym. Few minutes in the gym I was doing simple movements with no pain at all. It was determined the body was being overprotective as opposed to any remaining underlying injury. So I decided to try the Pain to Performance program. This was a good mix of strength and conditioning that aided in building up my fitness as well as the main aim of helping with my back. The program helped me develop confidence again in what my back could handle. Within a few weeks of starting the program I was even able to do barbell squats and deadlifts for the first time in a decade, which was great. The pain in my back is now reduced and I can move a lot better. So I would highly recommend Matt, Azzurro, and the Pain to Performance program.



I had problems with my back and a didn't know where to turn. I was recommended Azzurro by a friend and they were extremely helpful and I could not believe the progress I made to a full recovery in such a short period of time thanks to their help. I have continued to go back and I am going from Strength to Strength.


I consulted Matt about my back and hip pain. He was very professional and treated me with great care and respect - a lovely young man!
His treatment and exercise plan helped relieve the pain I had been suffering from for many years. Thank you so much.


Matt sits leagues above other Physio's I have previously seen, largely due to his approach of incorporating strength & conditioning work to his treatments. This has meant my progression back to fitness after a back injury has been much smoother.

Matt gives you the confidence to move outside of your injuries comfort zone slowly and methodically, in order to build back up to where you were previously. He also goes the extra mile for his clients, checking in after sessions and sending journals and articles relating to the issue at hand, so you can continue educating yourself outside of the sessions

Couldn't recommend more highly !


Matthew has enabled me with motivation, demonstration and encouragement to fix chronic pain I've had for 20 years!

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